Management of the Design Process is achieved through a close coordination of the Design activities, to provide the Design team with specific project directives, aiming at a final fully integrated Design. When necessary, we select specific partners to guarantee the achievement of the project’s goals.

NORMA elaborates the Project Documents Index to coordinate all different disciplines involved in the Design Process. The Index organizes quality and quantity of documents and specific sheets to be drafted for each discipline whether structural engineering, architectural, plant systems etc.

Identify frequency and schedule of periodic meetings within the design team and with the Customer’s representatives to monitor the design progress. For NORMA managing means being able to integrate resources as needed to balance the work progress and to provide extra effort when modification or alternative solutions have to be found and developed. Updating and progress reporting are part of the service.

Prepare the Project General Budget identifying all main cost items (Cost Estimate). Monitor the Cost components of the Project, during the whole Design process.

Draft the Project Preliminary Program of Works in order to identify milestones, critical activities and to support the Tendering phase and future monitoring of the site activities. Identify the most efficient break down of the project into partial activities, select the most critical ones and place them in the General Planning.

Review of investment strategy and works planning, creating a financial plan to ensure timely availability of proper resources, to maintain the project forecasted cash flow.

Prepare the General Scope of Works indicating the minimum requirements for each section of the Works and related specifications. Draft the contract format, if required.

Define the vendor list in coordination with the Client and his specific guide lines.

Coordinate and interact with local Authorities to obtain all necessary permits and authorizations in compliance with local laws and norms.

Provide all necessary technical support to Client’s Representatives dealing with contracts, tender evaluation, claims, terminations, litigations with subcontractors and other administrative in general.

Periodic work in progress reports highlighting the project main aspects:  work production, time schedules and cost control. Implement the archive activities to file, both in digital and paper formats, all technical and contractual documents documenting the project complete cycle.