NORMA was founded in 2012 on the basis of its partners’ common philosophy and views about the engineering and construction market. NORMA represents the synthesis of over three decades of experience in the building business of its cofounders and managers. The partners share the technical leadership based on their own inner professional strengths and the capacity to answer promptly and carefully to the different demands coming from the customers.

The company managers and staff have cooperated through the years in several projects, playing the different roles of consultants as required by circumstances. The involvement in a variety of construction projects has offered the chance for them to meet and cooperate creating a solid relationship, based on professional trust appreciation and respect.

NORMA’s Management believes that the Construction Market requires the contribution of a highly qualified professional partner, capable to support and advise investors, developers and construction companies in evaluating technical and financial issues related to “new construction projects”. Technical knowledge, “on field” experience and flexibility make NORMA a valuable partner for all subjects claiming a lead role in the construction market.