Technical skills, organization, human and professional attributes, reliability, enthusiasm and passion while approaching market opportunities: these factors are keys to the invaluable NORMA assets, for the pursuit of the most thorough Customer’s Satisfaction, which, in synthesis is the core of our Mission. This will be accomplished by means of a continuous personnel training, constant investments in our Organization structure and by feeding our technical knowhow through a close relationship and co-operation with most renewed Universities and Research Institutes.

The different core business of the six partners created, over the years, a dedicated attention on different aspects of the construction process. Each partner has therefore developed its research and focus on various issues such as the design of Data Centers, the BIM applied to articulated projects, the design of special structures, the application of the sustainable approach to the construction and the Project Management of complex building sites.

NORMA believes that all the components of a building’s design need to work together to meet the needs of its owners, end users respecting the environment. With this approach, buildings will be energy efficient, affordable to build, easy to maintain and eco-friendly to their surroundings.

NORMA has supported many customers to fulfill their demands in sustainability for buildings and urban settings, to achieve energy efficiency and ratings under the already recognized international systems such as LEED.

NORMA considers essential the quality control on the design and construction processes. Its latest generation workstations, connected in a network, allow operators to work simultaneously on the same project via multi-file parametric software based on the Building Information Modeling (B.I.M.) process, which covers all the current design techniques. B.I.M. “Building Information Modeling” is a valued tool in optimizing the processes for design, construction and management of buildings and properties in general. All the firms taking part in the design of a project can benefit from the availability of updated, qualitatively valid and freely accessible information on the state of the project in terms of design, execution or progress of work. B.I.M. software organizes the project documents in a structured way: the data are saved with a structure that fully supports the network group work and the supervision of the dedicated managers.