NORMA’s partners share a common philosophy and view about the buildings and civil works market segment; the Services provided represent the synthesis of over three decades of activity in the Design and Management of the entire construction process. NORMA is oriented to offer engineering value solutions to all the problems related to new developments, through an integrated and interdisciplinary process, from feasibility stage, Detail Design up to structural testing and handover of construction site. NORMA’s Management believes that the Construction Market requires the contribution of a highly qualified professional partner, capable to support and advise investors, developers and construction companies in evaluating technical and financial issues related to “new construction projects”. Technical knowledge, “on field” experience and flexibility make NORMA a valuable partner for all subjects claiming a lead role in the construction market. The Customer’s requirements are the starting point for all NORMA coordinated actions. Our approach begins with an accurate analysis of the Project’s brief and, based on its results, we assign the new job to one of our Project Managers. The Project Manager will then follow up the Project’s execution through all the phases, ensuring a positive relationship and adequate dialogue with the Client’s Representatives. NORMA works under the UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality System engineered to cover and regulate all aspects of the Design production process:

  • Program of Works (design activities planning, technical specifications, purchasing plan, work on site scheduling, safety plan, building schedule quality plan etc.);
  • Work in Progress Control (Design Review, Work Progress, Quality Control, Commissioning);
  • Budget Control (Budgeting, Interim Payment Certificates, Cost Control and Reports);
  • Reporting (technical and financial).

NORMA offers its own services providing customers with technical know-how and experience that may be applied to consolidate ongoing Projects as well as to the early stages of Projects that are yet to be developed. NORMA’s proposal to Investors and Developers focuses on providing preliminary feasibility studies that are crucial to identify different alternative solutions, value engineering studies and to prepare cost-benefit analysis. NORMA’s organizational structure is well capable to stand by and support Customers through the entire building process, organizing selected “task forces” capable of transforming a Building Permit into a full Building Project Package, complete in all disciplines involved. NORMA provides also full Project Management services assuring adequate governance of both technical and administrative aspects, of the building process.