NORMA has carried out several projects and consultancies in the structural and geotechnical fields achieving a considerable and consolidated experience.

Norma’s approach to soil and rock engineering is both through a deep knowledge of traditional Geotechnics and the extensive use of advanced numerical modeling. Fast, sound, well tested and simple methods are used for basic design purposes of foundations and soil improvement, while sophisticated computer codes are usually applied in a detail design phase, for stability and stress check problems, evaluation of displacements and settlements and design optimization.

Geotechnical skills have been enhanced through several years of applications to the design of underground structures, (such as tunnels, buried parking lots, underpasses, etc.) mainly in difficult environments as Milan’s alluvial subsoil (with a heavily developed land above) or in poor rocks as Apennine’s’ flinch and shales. On a parallel lane, the deep knowledge in structural design (steel, reinforced and pre-stressed concrete) has been applied to the design of bridges, viaducts and other above-grade structures, both for road and rail usage. NORMA engineering team has been often involved in large infrastructure projects, as part of multi-disciplinary teams, facing not only geotechnical and structural issues, but also hydraulic, MEP plant, environment, landscaping, functional issues as well.