Extensive analysis carried out on Customer’s Project Brief or preliminary ideas. Identification of the project site location and boundaries, limits imposed by the authorities and any other special requirement.

In-depth study of the Project Brief and Project performance requirements is carried out, identifying preliminary technical solutions and specifications, type of material to be used and processes to be implemented. Alternative solutions, in order to perform costs vs. benefits comparisons, are also evaluated.

Study and further development of Customers’ specific requirements in order to elaborate concept design proposals or even preliminary architectonic and urban design packages in different formats. NORMA provides the Customer with the basis for a comparative study and a solid decision making process.

On the basis of the selected Concept option, NORMA carries out a fully integrated Preliminary and Detailed Design, up to the Issued for Construction (IFC) Drawings. Sectors and elements of the project are further developed to supply specific documentation necessary for tenders, materials computing, and purchasing. Qualified staff is allocated to carry out the planned activities under the Project Manager supervision. Detailed Design activities start only once the Preliminary Design has been fully approved by the Client. Throughout the process, a strict Quality Control is implemented.

If required, NORMA can also prepare and issue Shop Drawings related to all the disciplines(Architectural, Structural, MEP), achieving a deeper level of detail, as well as producing As Built Drawings at the completion of the project. In this case NORMA can be a valid partner for any construction company for a very consistent and integrated engineering design support.

During the design process, Norma coordinates all different disciplines in order to meet the specific project requirements. The Design Coordination assesses quality and quantity of designs and specific technical sheets to be drafted in each discipline whether structural engineering, architectural, plant systems etc. Human resources are then charged to carry out the coordination activities under the Project Manager supervision. Sections of the project are further developed to supply specific documentation necessary for tenders, materials computing and purchasing and subcontracting.

If required, NORMA can also prepare and design the construction site layout identifying strategic position of cranes and equipment, general logistics, accessibility and internal roads layout for traffic flow control.

Develop the Health Safety and Environmental Plan (HSE) as well as all specific Safety Plans necessary to implement safe coordination of the various construction activities taking place on site.

Implement the archive activities to file, both in digital and paper formats, all technical and contractual documents documenting the project complete cycle.